Embracing modernity

By Saâd Kadhi , on

Phew! What a relief! We finally have a modern-looking, sleek website that doesn’t look as if it was designed in the 1990s by my grandma (may she rest in peace). When I took a glimpse at our previous website several years ago, I thought I needed Mosaic, Netscape or Lynx to view it properly (consider yourself lucky if you don’t know what those are).

I’m half-joking here but still. If it’s your first time visiting us on the web, that means you didn’t get to know what I’m talking about so here you go and if you can’t read the text in the screenshot, your eyes (and screen) are fine. Trust me.

CERT-EU Embracing modernity

Since I joined CERT-EU in the beginning of 2019, I wanted to get rid of our now old, defunct website (good riddance!) and embrace modernity by privileging user experience and minimalism instead of information overload and confusion.

It took us more than three years to get there and we have finally achieved what I was dreaming of, thanks to the excellent work of our DevSecOps team and the contributions from several members of your beloved CERT-EU. You may wonder why we had to wait so long. Well, the answer is easy. We had a truckload of things to do to better serve all the EU institutions, bodies & agencies, our constituents. We also had (have?) something called the COVID-19 pandemic and the steep increase of the attack surface, incidents and support requests that came with it, not to mention a couple of other crises that aren’t worth mentioning here. Clearly put, getting a new website was icing on the cake in the face of the Universe and beyond.

Now, it’s usually at this stage that I should explain how great our new website is and what you can find in it. Actually, I won’t. It’s so simple that it speaks for itself. Nonetheless, I’ll tell those that have been using our Media Monitor to weed through top cybersecurity stories and the latest news and follow trends why you can’t find it anymore.

Worry not, you can still find the Media Monitor at https://media.cert.europa.eu/. And we have plans to improve it in the year, in close cooperation with our friends from the Joint Research Centre who are on their way to create a better, stronger and more efficient version.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy our new website as much as we do and if you have any suggestion, shoot us an email at services@cert.europa.eu.

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